NFT artworks in tribute to women’s rights

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Lina Valentina



Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, I currently live in Los Angeles, USA. An artist since childhood, I’m a woman who has built her values on my education. When I was 14 years old, I immigrated with my parents to Spain before moving to the United States a year later. It was during these very disruptive changes that my grandmother, who had remained in Russia at the time, passed away suddenly. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend her funeral and say goodbye. That day I made a promise to her in my heart: to make her name known through artworks dedicated to the women’s cause. Since then, my entire life has been dedicated to creating art.

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The NFT collection « No More » imagined by Lina Valentina pays tribute to all those women who suffer in silence. Inspired by the surrealist works of Salvador Dali, Lina also draws her creativity from listening to music. Art has always been a way to express ideas without the language barrier. And because aggression and violence know no boundaries and go beyond the physical world, Lina Valentina offers a touching collection of 7777 digital artworks in the form of NFT. « No More » is certainly the culmination of all of Lina’s creations.

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From the walls of Brooklyn to the prestigious
galleries of Los Angeles

Lina Valentina has been recognized for many years for her work dedicated to women’s causes on the walls of major cities (New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles), as well as on those of famous contemporary art galleries. Lina has also created magazine covers (INKspired, GoodWeekendMag) and collaborated with Adidas® for a unique exhibition at the Shop Palace on Melrose Avenue in 2018.

Inkspired The Artist's Corner The Cool HeART Adidas Affordable Art Fair GoodWeekend
No More NFT
No More NFT
No More NFT
No More NFT
No More NFT
No More NFT

fight against
towards women.

Lina Valentina’s mission became known thanks to her famous creation representing a woman’s mouth with a zipper. Much more powerful than a speech on women’s rights, « No More » embodies this mouth that makes the choice not to remain closed. For violence against women to end, victims must have the courage to speak out. « No More » gives confidence to millions of women by not feeling alone in their suffering. It’s time to stop being silent.

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Art is not only reserved to the physical world anymore and Lina understood it well. She wanted her first NFT
collection to be the culmination of everything she has been creating for years, and to best represent her tribute to
women’s rights.

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No More NFT

10% donated to Safe Horizon .

in the USA in helping
victims of abuse and

For many years, Lina has supported Safe Horizon, an organization that helps women, children and anyone suffering from physical or psychological abuse. Safe Horizon even accompanies survivors of rape and sexual assault in court and to medical organizations. By owning a « No More » digital work you are actively supporting abused people and helping them build a new life. Another way to say « No More ».

The No more Roadmap

No More NFT

Creation of an exhibition gallery in the metaverse

Creation of an exhibition gallery 100% in the metaverse by Lina Valentina where everyone will be free to walk around, appreciate and even buy the no more digitized artworks exposed, this gallery aims to bring together all the projects that fight for a cause and share our values on a daily basis in order to bring them a visibility

No More NFT

Exhibit your works wherever you want

Displaying art wherever possible is one of Lina Valentina’s principles. That’s why 300 « No More » NFT owners will be selected to receive a NFT display frame valued at $800

No More NFT

Meet Lina Valentina in Los Angeles

Take part in an exceptional meeting with the artist during an exhibition at the famous The Cool HeART Gallery in Los Angeles. This will be an opportunity to put a face on all those who defend the « No More » project and to share an unforgettable moment with Lina. Physical artworks will be showcased, owners will have a discount and will be given some free merch.

No More NFT


Safe Horizon is the main American foundation that helps victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Lina already supports them, but she has decided to donate 10% of the funds generated by the « No More » NTFs royalties.

Help Women Stop
Being Silentround

7777 unique creations of the famous « No More » mouth designed by Lina Valentina

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Answers to
The most Frequently
Asked Questions Icon More

What is « No More » by Lina Valentina?

It is a collection of 7777 unique and high quality 3D digital artworks. Each creation represents the famous woman’s mouth with a zipper designed by contemporary artist Lina Valentina.

How to buy a « No More » artwork?

To purchase one or more of the original « No More » NFT by the artist Lina Valentina, you must wait for the opening of the Mint. The date will be announced shortly, more info in our discord.

How many NFTs are available?

This collection consists of 7777 creations in high definition 3D NFT format stored as ERC-721A Tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. All hosted in IPFS.

What is the price of NFTS?

The price of the mint is set at TBA ETH.

When will the project be minted?

The mint date will be on TBA 2022.

How can I mint?

You will need a Metamask wallet or a Wallet Connect compatible wallet. You can check out how to on our Discord.

What is Metamask?

Metamask is a crypto-currency wallet that allows you to store your Ethereum tokens. It is with these tokens that you will be able to buy and own one or more of Lina Valentina’s original « No More » NFTs.

How can I access my NFTs?

Once you own a « No More » NFT, you can view it by connecting your crypto wallet to OpenSea.

What blockchain do you use?

We use the Ethereum blockchain.

What is the Safe Horizon organization?

It is the most active association in the United States for the fight against domestic violence, racism, sexual assault and discrimination. Lina has been supporting this organization for several years, because it allows her to act concretely against violence towards women all over the world. And that’s why Lina has decided to donate, in addition to her usual donations, 10% of the revenue generated by the « No More » community.

Will there be any gifts?

Yes, first of all, 300 owners of at least one No More NFT will receive an NFT display frame to showcase their NFT at home. Also, all « No More » owners will receive an invitation to meet the artist at an exhibition organized in Los Angeles. The date will be announced in a few months.

No More
By lina valentinaround

The artistic NFT collection in tribute to women’s rights

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